Pro-life supporters take a stand on Broadway

Eureka, Ca., (KIEM) Pro-life supporters made a human chain on Broadway in front of the Bay Shore Mall in Eureka Sunday.

The sidewalk quickly filled with residents standing silently, holding pro-life signs.

The effort is to bring awareness to ending abortions and supporting pro-life.

The human chain happens every year on the first Sunday of October apart of the National Life Chain initiative.

Residents who joined-in are from local churches throughout Humboldt County.

Redwood News spoke to resident, Karen Campbell. Campbell said her mission is to help end abortion and said she prays for women, families, and people who are hurt by abortions.

“I believe in the one and true holy God. The maker and creator of Heaven and Earth. He made us and he made us as the only ones to be able to procreate and I don’t think he wants us to be harming those that he is bringing to life.”