PacOut Green Team Gains New Trailer Thanks to Community Support

EUREKA (KIEM) – PacOut Green is back in business! Thanks to California Trailers of Eureka and local donations.

The total cost of the trailer was about $4000. Money for the new gear came in through the organization’s funds and support from the community.

For most of the summer, PacOut Green Team were without their trailer. Storing most of their equipment and gear in their truck. But thanks to California Trailers of Eureka, the cleanup group was able to get a great price on the trailer. The business even donated items such as a roof vent, spare tire, tracks for inside the walls, and rear jack stands.

PacOut Green Team member Aaron Ostrom says, even though they were out a trailer for months, they didn’t let that stop them from helping clean up their community.

During their last two cleanups in McKinleyville and Eureka, PacOut Green Team was able to break in the new gear. From the two cleanups alone, Ostrom says they’re estimating about 5000 pounds of trash was collected.