City set to Return Indian Island to Wiyot Tribe

Eureka, Ca., (KIEM) The city of Eureka plans to return Indian Island to the Wiyot Tribe.

There has been discussions over the years about the island being returned to the tribe, and this month it may actually happen.

The city of Eureka will host a public ceremony to formally approve the island’s return.

Indian island is the largest of three islands in Humboldt bay.

According to reports, it consists mainly of tidelands which is territory between the high and low water tideline of a seacoast.

The island is nearly 300 acres in size, stretching close to a mile long, and is considered a sanctuary to the Wiyot people.

The special ceremony will be October 21 from 10:00 AM to Noon at the Adorni Center in Eureka.