City of Eureka to pursue Emergency Declaration for businesses Impacted by Power Shutoff

Eureka, Ca., (KIEM) The PG&E Public Safety Power Shutoff is over and the power in local counties restored. However, some businesses are still recovering from the day-long event.

Due to the shutoff’s impact, the city of Eureka is pursuing a State Emergency Declaration. The mission of the declaration is to receive assistance for the companies that took a significant loss.

General Manager for Jitterbean, Jorgen Roberts, said all six of the company’s locations had to be shut down and there was nothing he or anyone else could do.

“The night before when we were informed, we went in and put bags of ice in the refrigeration,” said Roberts. “And by the time the power came back on I went in with an infrared thermometer and they were about two or three degrees above what’s technically safe serving temperature. And so, unfortunately, we had to dump it all out. Probably the biggest thing is we have anywhere from 70 to 80 employees company-wide and nobody got to work,” said Roberts.

The city of Eureka is asking all businesses to email an estimate of loss. The city is asking that owners include the name of the business, address and amount of financial loss of either product or revenue.