Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office Provides Year-End Reports Data on Marijuana Enforcement

HUMBOLDT COUNTY (KIEM) – Cannabis is a hot topic here in Humboldt County. During Tuesday morning’s Board of Supervisors meeting, The Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office provided their year-end reports and their efforts to cracking down on illegal marijuana grows.

HCSO’s Marijuana Eradication Team, or MET, focuses on commercial cannabis that is not in compliance with the state. The department also partners with Code Enforcement and other agencies.

So far, Code Enforcement has referred fifty-six sites for failure to comply, and the Sheriff’s Office has served twenty warrants on those areas.

HCSO released their data for this year’s marijuana search warrants. The statistics revealed 86 operations have been conducted, over 200,000 plans eradicated, close to 40,000 pounds of marijuana buds destroyed, 18 arrests have been made, and 87 firearms have been seized

The Sheriff’s Office says, the amount of drug traffic organizations have reduced here in Humboldt County.