City of Arcata providing Emergency Food Services during Shutoff

Arcata, Ca., (KIEM) The city of Arcata will be assisting with emergency food services.

The city, along with the Arcata House Partnership will be providing free food services throughout the city to anyone in need.

Beginning Sunday, meals will be available every day from noon to 6 PM at the Annex on Ninth Street and the Arcata Community Center on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Parkway.

Anyone is welcome.

For those unable to get to either location, Arcata House Partnership and city police will deliver meals to those individuals.

For more information or to request food assistance, please call (707) 298-7610.

Throughout the outage, AHP staff and volunteers will also deliver food to the community from their vans and their LUNCH BOX truck, which will be stopping at the following locations:

North Arcata: Valley West & Valley East:

  • Ray’s Parking Lot 
  • Lazy J Mobile Estates


  • Trinity Baptist Church Parking Lot (opposite Westwood Murphy’s on AllianceBlvd)  

Downtown Arcata

  • The Annex & Transit Center (501 Ninth Street)
  • Plaza Point Apartments
  • Arcata Safeway Parking Lot  

South Arcata & Sunny Brae

  • Arcata Community Center
  • Bayview Senior Apartments
  • Parkway Apartments
  • Meadowbrook / Brookside Apartments

If you see the Lunch Box truck and need food, just flag down the driver.

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