Waterfront Trail in Eureka One Step Closer to being Completed

Eureka, Ca. (KIEM) — The waterfront trail in Eureka is now one step closer to being completed, and thanks to the Timber Heritage Association, speeder cars will be able to ride along the trail as well.

Thursday morning, construction crews were out along 1st Street between H and I Streets paving the trail. The Timber Heritage Association partnered with the City of Eureka to make a wheel groove in the fresh asphalt so that in the future, speeder car rides can be offered along the trail.

They are normally host speeder rides in old town for the 4th of July and special occasions. According to the president of THA, they love the opportunity to partner with the city and help it be successful in any way they can.

The Timber Heritage Association hopes to be able to bring the speeder car out to Old Town more often once the trail is completed.