Firefighters Extinguish Fire at Assisted Living Facility

CRESCENT CITY (KIEM) – Fire crews quickly put out a fire at an assisted living facility before it got out of control. It happened just after 6 P.M. Thursday evening, at the 1400 block of Parkway Drive at the Addie Meedom House.

When Crescent City Fire and Rescue arrived on scene, they found residents and staff evacuating the building. Firefighters located fire and smoke at back of the facility. When they investigated further, they found a pillow smoldering on the ground.

Firefighters say, facility staff discharged a fire extinguisher to control the flames.

Fortunately, all thirty-seven residents were evacuated from the building. But four people were transported to Sutter Coast Hospital for smoke inhalation.

Firefighters say, the cause was accidental.