New City Manager, State of Emergency Declaration on City Council Agenda

Eureka, Ca. (KIEM) — The Eureka City Council is back to work Tuesday night with some big items on the agenda, including the recent public safety power shutoff.

Following the recent county-wide power outages, the council is looking to pass a resolution declaring a state of emergency in the city since October 9th, the first shutoff that hit the area. Also on the agenda, the city will be finalizing the employment agreement for the new city manager, Dean Lotter.

A public hearing will be held on the proposed Verizon Wireless facility on Wood Street. City staff recommends the council overturn the planning commission’s denial and uphold the appeal for the project.

Two hour parking restrictions along a through d streets between 5th and 7th streets may not be around much longer is the council votes to have it removed. Bus stop and pedestrian crossing improvements are also up for discussion. Tuesday night’s meeting starts at 6 p-m in council chambers.