Two-Hour Parking to be Removed in Downtown Eureka

Eureka, Ca. (KIEM) — Two-hour parking in Downtown Eureka will not be around much longer after the city council voted in favor of its removal. Parking along A through D Streets between 5th and 7th Streets and on 6th and 7th Streets between C and E Streets is changing from 2-hours to 8-hours.

The public works department did a walk-through of the neighborhood and talked to local businesses. From this door-to-door outreach, the city learned 2-hour parking wasn’t needed and all day parking would be better.

The decision was approved by the transportation safety commission then presented before the council for final approval. The driving factor behind the change was making sure the parking worked for the area around it. City crews will begin removing the 2-hour parking signs within the next couple of weeks.