Verizon Wireless Facility Appeal Upheld, Planning Commission Denial Overturned

Eureka, Ca. (KIEM) – The proposed Verizon Wireless telecommunications facility is one step closer to becoming a reality after the Eureka City Council votes to uphold the company’s appeal and overturn the planning commission’s denial of the project.

Verizon wants to add antennas to the Loggers water tower on Wood Street to improve cell service in the area. The planning commission originally denied the project due to concerns over the aesthetics and risk to public health and safety. Many residents voiced those same concerns during a public hearing at Tuesday night’s council meeting.

Verizon appealed and the council found that there wasn’t significant evidence to support those claims. A representative from Epic Wireless, the company working with Verizon on the facility, believes the planning commission missed the mark when denying the project.

The lease agreement for the project is up for final approval at next month’s city council meeting.