Commissioner Meeting For Terra-Gen Wind Energy Project

North coast residents turned out in big numbers to discuss a proposed wind energy project near Rio Dell at Thursday’s planning commission meeting, residents had mixed feelings towards the project.

Those in favor say it can potentially provide substantial environmental and economic benefits to the citizens of Humboldt County.

The wind energy project could be an ideal renewable energy source that would be low-cost, and available when needed it with low impacts to the community.

However, the project faced much opposition and criticism from community members saying the area—which would affect Bear river, Monument and Shively ridge is too precious to risk this kind of damage and impact.

Back in September, a group of local environmental groups sent a letter to county planning director, john ford stating that the project’s wind turbines should be moved off bear river ridge and more measures are needed to address impacts to cultural and environmental resources.

The next planned commission meeting is scheduled for November 14th where they are expected to make their final decision.

The community is encouraged to attend and make their voice heard.

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