Eureka City Schools Taking Steps to Prepare for Active Shooter Threat

Eureka, Ca. (KIEM) — Here on the North Coast, Eureka City Schools are taking steps to make sure they are prepared in the case of an active shooter situation.

School administration is always planning and preparing for these kinds of situations, especially with the recent incident at Fortuna High School.

Students and staff perform drills to familiarize them with what to do if the school was placed on lockdown. The administration also works with counseling staff to keep an eye on students and provide any resources they may need.

Eureka City Schools also has a close working relationship with the Eureka Police Department and Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office. They have a campus resource officer on campus as well. Funding for resource officers comes from the school district and the city of eureka. Eureka city schools also meet regularly with EPD and HCSO to discuss ways they can be prepared in the future.

According to Superintendent Fred Van Vleck, it’s impossible to know when these situations can happen, so it’s important to always be prepared.