10 Window Williams Jewelers Closing Their Doors after Nearly 100 Years in Business


Eureka, Ca. (KIEM) — The 10 Window Williams jewelry store in Old Town Eureka is closing its doors after nearly 100 years in business. Redwood News sat down with the longtime owner, Bill Williams, and talked about the history of the store and what it has meant to the North Coast community.

10 Window Williams Jewelers has been an iconic business in Eureka for the last 92 years. It all started when William Williams came to the North Coast from Switzerland and opened up shop in 1927.

Since then, the store has moved multiple times until settling on 3rd Street. Bill’s father began installing the windows when an advertiser suggested the name. Over the years, not only has the fine jewelry store become a staple in town, but it has also become a family tradition for the Williams. Bill entered the family business when he was 21 and loved the chance to work with his father. He also cherishes all the relationships he has built with the community.

The store is closing, but they’re not going out of business. Instead, they’ve decided to bring this chapter in their lives to an end. What’s next for Bill? Well, he’s looking forward to relaxing and spending some quality time with his wife Linda.

10 Window Williams Jewelers will continue to be open Tuesday through Saturday until Christmas Eve.