Extreme Weather Shelter for the Homeless in Arcata

ARCATA, Ca. (KIEM) – According to Arcata House Partnership, there are over 1,300 who are homeless in Humboldt County alone.

Arcata House Partnership has been providing the extreme weather shelter for about 5 years now and offers beds for about 18 people during extreme weather events.

Without the help of many volunteers and institutions, the Extreme Weather Shelter wouldn’t happen and they are honored to provide help for those in need during particularly bad weather conditions.

It takes about 12 to 15 people to help with everything from cooking and cleaning, to helping with laundry and checking people in.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association sends out a memo that it will be an extreme weather night, and the shelter puts a plan into place to give everyone a warm place to stay.

They provide a hot meal, along with showers clean clothes and a warm, safe place to stay for the night.

The Extreme Weather Shelter is supported solely on donations.

Clothing and financial support are always welcomed and appreciated.

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