Two Men Arrest For Stealing Firewood

Korbel, Ca. (KIEM)– Two men are in custody following a two month long timber and firewood theft investigation.

Back on November 12th of 2019, the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office was notified of ongoing trespassing and theft on a property located on Bald Mountain Road near Korbel.

Surveillance footage caught two individuals hauling truckloads of timber from the property and learned during the investigation that approximately 5.5 cords of stolen wood was sold to local lumber businesses.

On December 31st, officers arrested 39-year-old Nicholas Scott Cringle during a traffic stop.

Monday morning, deputies located 44-year-old Corey Brent Holsinger.

Both individuals have been charged with grand theft, conspiracy to commit a crime, cutting down growing timber on lands of another, and carrying away timber lying on the land of another.