Samoa Residents Can Expect to See Big Changes in 2020

Samoa, Ca. (KIEM) — Residents will soon be seeing some big changes coming to the town of Samoa in 2020.

According to Richard Marks, the Humboldt Bay Harbor Commissioner and Samoa resident for the last four years, these changes include the addition of Murphy’s Market and gas station. The future plans were announced at a community meeting Tuesday night by town owner Dan Johnson.

2020 will also be phase one of opening a new affordable housing complex on Vance Avenue. This will include a new sewage treatment plant. All houses on Vance Avenue will be hooked up to new sewage and electrical lines. Homes on Rideout Street and Sunset Avenue will soon have new utilities as well.

Marks says the construction could take the town to over 1,000 residents in the next four years. A community service district will be formed and start collecting revenue in the next year and a half.