Humboldt County Animal Shelter Seeking Answers about Dog Discovered on Side of Highway 101

MCKINLEYVILLE (KIEM) – Humboldt County Animal Shelter is seeking answers about a dog that was found on along Highway 101. Mattie is an unaltered male and was found without a collar and is not microchipped. Mattie is about 3-years-old and weighs about twelve pounds.

Earlier this week, a passerby found Mattie on the side of the road on Highway 101 just north of Loleta.

Animal control says, when Mattie was brought in, the fur was completely matted tangled and covered in mud and dirt.

Animal control also says, they believe that the matting was so severe that it led to Mattie losing a leg.

This is still an ongoing investigation and anyone with information is asked to contact the Humboldt County Animal Shelter.