Restaurant Construction on Broadway One Step Closer to being Complete

Eureka, Ca. (KIEM) — The City of Eureka is one step closer to welcoming a handful of new restaurants to town.

Construction on the four new restaurants along Broadway is officially underway. These include an In-N-Out burger, Chipotle, and Mod Pizza at Vigo Street, and a KFC further down on Broadway. In-N-Out has even begun ramping up their hiring process for when the new location opens up in the spring.

Both projects are run by the same contractor, Pacific Builders. Right now, the city says construction should be completed sometime in the next few months, weather permitting.

If you’ve driven by the future site at any point recently, you may have noticed how quickly the buildings have been put up, but the KFC has yet to begin construction.

According to the director of public works for the City of Eureka, Brian Gerving, the KFC project has all the required permits, but the contractor is doing their best to split up crews between both sites. Gerving assures residents they can expect the restaurants to begin opening their doors very soon.