M.L.K Celebrated in Arcata

ARCATA, Ca. (KIEM)- Celebrations across the country took place Monday to honor the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Junior, and here locally, Humboldt State students got in on the action.

On Monday, while schools had the day off, over 100 HSU students the day honoring M.L.K. Students and staff worked on service projects this holiday. The projects took place at multiple sites throughout Humboldt County.

In honor the M.L.K Day of Service, participants gathered at the Manila Park in Arcata for a community clean-up. Friends of the dunes sponsored the clean-up efforts and participants were out picking up trash and joining in trail maintenance. Humboldt State students attended as well, all eager to give back in some small way and make Manila Park a place where families and young kids can come and enjoy for years to come.

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