Washington Elementary Donates Supplies to Sister School in Guyana

Eureka, Ca. (KIEM) — A group of students at Washington Elementary School here in Eureka is taking the time to give back.

After cleaning out their classrooms, students and teachers at the school realized they had a lot of things they didn’t need anymore. Rather than throwing it all away, they decided to donate it to their sister school, Yupukari Primary School and Nursery in Guyana, South America.

It was all made possible through an ongoing partnership between the elementary school, Sequoia Park Zoo, and the non-profit organization Save the Giants. They sent textbooks, workbooks, and other unused school supplies.

Not only is it a way to teach the kids about kindness and generosity, but also to show them that just because they may not be able to use something, doesn’t mean that someone else can’t. Washington Elementary hopes to continue to donate and build a stronger relationship with Yupukari Primary School.