Arcata Hosts 3rd Annual State of the City Event

Arcata, Ca. (KIEM) — Up in Arcata, community members packed the Minor Theater bright and early Tuesday morning for this year’s annual state of the city event.

The event is in its third year and it put on by the City of Arcata and the Arcata Chamber of Commerce.

There were presentations from a variety of key players in the city focusing on three main topics: the city of Arcata, cannabis, and Humboldt State University.

City manager Karen Diemer spoke on housing and economic development, as well as gave an update on the police department. The CEO of Bear Extraction House, Per Jacobson, spoke about the cannabis industry. HSU president Tom Jackson was there to speak about the school’s role in the community.

The chamber hopes that people walk away from Tuesday’s event more informed about the city they live in. The state of the city event was sold out and had standing room only available.