Felon on Probation Arrested For Drugs In Hidden Room

Brent Holdridge

 EUREKA, Ca. (KIEM) – A felon is arrested after a large amount of drugs are found in a hidden room at an Eureka apartment.

On Monday, detectives with Eureka Police arrested 52-year-old Brent Holdridge. A probation search of his apartment uncovered a firearm and 62 pounds of unprocessed marijuana.

They also located a hidden room behind a large wall mounted mirror. It was there were they found approximately 14 ounces of methamphetamine and marijuana processing equipment for manufacturing of cannabis butane honey oil.

The apartment is located on the 600 block of 16th Street in a 4-plex Victorian, where families with small children also reside.

A search warrant was served at Holdridge’s storage unit in Fortuna where they found more marijuana and military-style body armor.

Holdridge was booked on numerous drug charges, meth for sale, manufacturing of a controlled substance, probation violation and a felon in possession of body armor.

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