Lee Tomasini Retired After 64 Years Of Fire Service

Lee Tomasini

FERNDALE, Ca. (KIEM) – After 64 years of service.  A Ferndale Volunteer Firefighter has called it a career with the Ferndale Volunteer Fire District.

Lee Tomasini worked 43 years as an active fireman, 10 years as fire chief and 21 years as Director of the fire district.

He started with Ferndale Fire at the age of 19 while still in high school. Tomasini still remembers his first call: it was at the laundromat across from the high school. 43 years later on Christmas day he went to that same building- now an apartment complex on what would be his last fire. Tomasini said from start and repeat fires, he has to retire.

We caught up with Tomasini at food for the people in Fortuna where he has been volunteering for 7 years. His legacy is the thing he’s most proud of.

Tomasini said like a lot of department, they are short staffed and Ferndale needs volunteers. If you’d like to contribute. Contact the Ferndale Volunteer Fire Department.