College of the Redwoods Hosts Farm Field Day 2020

EUREKA, Ca. (KIEM) – Future Farms of America students were ready to learn with friendly competitions and lots of fun.

Saturday, College of the Redwoods hosted a field day for high school Future Farmers of America students.

This year high schools from all over the north coast region participated and each student chose a contest to participate in.

There was welding competitions, farm power events, dairy cattle judging, and forestry.

This annual event helps students understand the purpose, history, and structure of local, state, and national f-f-a student organizations.

The contest is made up of numerous questions. The welding contest consisted of a 50-question exam

The farm power contest is designed to test a student’s mechanical skills relating to power equipment used in agriculture.

the dairy cattle judging contest consists of six live cattle classes, a pedigree class, and three oral reasons classes

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