Cali the Fire Dog “Pup-Date”

Cali the Humboldt Bay Fire Dog and Local Hero

EUREKA, Ca. (KIEM) – On Friday, we met with Cali the Humboldt Bay Fire Dog at the fire station.

Last week, she had surgery for cancer on her liver and pancreas.

We are so happy to see cali recovering well. She regained her appetite and started behaving normally after she got off her pain medications. She is a little sore and tender, yet everyday she gets a little bit stronger. Yolla Montalbin- Cali’s Dad- tells us about how grateful he is for the outpouring of community emotional and financial support, that made it possible for Cali to undergo the surgery immediately.

Cali continues to get better every day she can shake hands, give high fives and, her dad says to check back in about a week and she should be able to stop…drop… And roll!

Way to go Cali!!!