Eureka Couple Disembarks Grand Princess, Under Quarantine at Travis Air Force Base


Fairfield, Ca. (KIEM) — What started out as a dream vacation for Tom and Mary Crumley, ended in the couple being confined to their rooms after 21 passengers aboard the Grand Princess cruise ship tested positive for coronavirus.

The ship was originally supposed to dock in San Francisco last Wednesday, but didn’t arrive at the port of Oakland until late Monday evening. Leaving the Crumley’s with nothing else to do, but sit and wait.

Now, they’re waiting at a hotel in on Travis Air Force Base. There they will be quarantined for another 14 days before being able to return home. Something they weren’t allowed to do, but now can at the hotel? Get some fresh air.

Despite the unforeseen circumstances, the Crumley’s remain in good spirits. They are waiting to be tested by the CDC, which they’re told should happen soon.

The Crumley’s will remain at Travis Air Force Base for the next 13 days, and are looking forward to returning to Humboldt County.