Food For People relocates to former chamber building

EUREKA, Ca (KIEM)- The former Eureka Chamber of Commerce building is the temporary home of Food For People.

Their warehouse on 14th Street had to close after a sewage malfunction caused the non-profit’s building to flood. Nearly $30,000 worth of contaminated food had to be thrown away.

Those affected by the closure will now have a temporary place to get some food starting Wednesday at 11 a.m.

The Choice Pantry can now serve the nearly 1,300 households each month. The longer the pantry is closed, the longer those in need go without food.

The new location is not equipped to handle large amounts of food donations.

Currently, no food donations can be processed.

Debra Ridlon is dealing with homelessness, and being without food is a reality for her.

“It’s not good because I need some food for the month,” Ridon said. “I just heard they are about to open another place tomorrow. So, that’s awesome.” 

Food for People Executive Director Anne Holcomb says moving into the temporary building has not been easy.

“We’re getting new information day-by-day, and just trying to figure out the best path moving forward,” Holcomb said.

The non-profit organization is thankful for all the generous donations from the community.

“The public has been really wonderful offering support. Donations of food we can’t really handle right now,” she said. “The financial support has been great.”

The new location will be opened Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

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