Eateries make changes to keep workers, and people fed


EUREKA, Ca. (KIEM) Local restaurants are making changes to keep employees working and residents fed.

Eating in or taking out, that is the question when it comes to how restaurants can serve their customers.

Mike’s Drive Up Owners James and Anne Carpenter decided to stick to take-out.

“We heard conflicting things also, we just decided to pull our stools and make everything to go,” James said.

Since the shelter in place order was announced all restaurants have been told, take-out orders only, which seems to be better for business according to James and Anne.

“Business has been pretty well, it was slow at the week,” James said. “It has since picked up the last few days.”

The “shelter in place” order doesn’t seem to have made a difference in foot traffic.

“There are people out and about like normal,” Anne said.  “Pretty much business as usual a little extra precaution I guess.”

That precaution comes in the form of gloves and a spray bottle.

“We’ve been trying to sanitize more often than normal and between customer’s we go out and wipe down the door handles and stuff,” Anne said. “Just trying to be more conscious of it.”

For Porter Street Barbecue serving food is essential for survival, that’s why they are keeping their doors open according to the husband and wife owners.

“If the health department tells us that everyone is closing, we would do that too,” Sherry Seeley said. “The health department called us and said to only do takeouts.

“We know people have to eat, so we are staying open people can take it home.”

Which is what exactly what Chris Nelson will keep doing as he has, before the Coronavirus outbreak.

“I think it’s great, I want to support the local businesses as much as I can,” Nelson said. “Even though I am doing only a small part. I am doing my part to keep local businesses going.”

And that’s what local restaurant owners like Anne are counting on, their true-hearted patrons, who keep coming back.

“We have a lot of loyal customers,” she said. “I just want to say thanks to our loyal customers who keep coming back. We’ll be here.”