Humboldt County couple home after 14 day quarantine


EUREKA, Ca. (KIEM)-After nearly two weeks in isolation, Eureka residents Tom and Mary Crumley are home.

“Are we thankful to be home? Oh, Yeah,” said Tom. “Wonderful to sleep in your own bed.”

The couple was aboard the Grand Princess Cruise where 21 people on board had been infected with the Covid-19 virus and 19 of them were crew members.

The Crumleys completed their 14 days quarantine at a hotel at Travis Air Force base, run by military personnel.

They were given towels, sheets and strict guidelines.  

“We were responsible laundering our towels and sheets,” Mary said. “No one was allowed in our room and when we answered the door we always wore our mask.”

Mary says they were allowed to enjoy hotel grounds for a walk or fresh air.

“We stayed in the confines of the grounds,” she said. We had a cyclone fence around the yard.

“We had guards 24/7, keeping us in and keeping people out.”

The ship they sailed on eventually docked at the port of Oakland on March 9th after being prevented from docking in San Francisco, five days earlier.

Tom and Mary Crumley were tested Monday night and are waiting their results.

Having experienced a quarantine, Tom has this insight.  

“I think if you take the attitude everyone has the virus, this virus will go away a lot quicker,” Tom said. “Cause I am seeing a lot of people not observing the rules that were drilled into our heads for that whole two weeks.”

The experience hasn’t dis swayed the Crumleys from cruising again.

They’ve already received a full refund and a credit toward another cruise vacation.

While dreaming of their get-away the couple will always remember what they learned and will always appreciate the little things.

“Cause they are really not that little, in a situation like that,” she said. “It’s critical to stay upbeat, to stay positive to get through all that, and we learned to expect the unexpected.”