Longtime Bayshore Mall business closing doors


EUREKA, Ca. (KIEM)-A company in the business of bringing smiles to children and teens is closing its doors after 13 years.

It was a difficult decision for the owners but they felt they have no option and saying goodbye is one of the hardest things they have to do.

What once of a space full of inflated brightly colored bounce houses, animated games and children’s laughter, now sits quiet.

A sad reality for husband and wife business owners of Bounce-A-Palooza. 

“We have a wonderful role in the community and we’ve enjoyed it,” Bob Young said. 

As former educators, their love for children and the community is what kept the business going.

“”The kids I watched grow up. That’s what I’m going to miss, the interaction with the community,” Ava Arechavla said. “It’s really sad, we have no choice but to close.”

They are forced to close their doors after a string of uncontrollable sets of events. 

“The Coronavirus, PG&E outbreak was the stimulus that shut our business down,” Young said.

“Another crisis done happened during our busy season,” Arechavla said. “And then this shut down with the virus- which was the very last hit we could take.”

What the owners would like is to see is their business change hands to continue to provide a place for kids to go, all year round.

 “I really do think that somebody younger, with fresher ideas [and] new resources could revitalize and continue what we started,” she said.

The couple says all they have now are the memories of all the children that brought them joy.

“I love the business but it’s time to do something else,” Arechavla said.

That something, will happen in due time.

“When this virus has subsided we plan on traveling some more,” Young said.

For residents wanting to get their jump in at the Bayshore Mall location, that will only happen if someone comes forward and buys the play center.