Local business puts out call for masks, quilt makers answer call


ARCATA, Ca. (KIEM)-Medical staff and caregivers are on the front line amid the Coronovirus pandemic.

A mask shortage has businesses scrambling for an alternate way to keep their workers safe

According to Catherine Brown making face masks is not difficult, even for novices.

“They are all super easy to make, and if you are a beginning sewer anybody can get into it this way,” Brown said.

She  one of about 30 making face masks for Visiting Angels, an organization offering living assistant services for seniors.

The masks are for basic home care or for going out on errand.

They aren’t designed for medical staff in direct contact with infected patients but they do serve an important purpose.

“These do block a large amount of the microns and they help stop you from touching your face,” Brown said.

Visiting Angels advised all of their caregivers to wear a clean mask while entering client’s home.

With nearly 700 visits per week and a nationwide shortage of masks the owner, Jeanne O’Neale put call out to

They didn’t disappoint in only one day they had 82 delivered ad people all over the county making masks according to O’Neale.

 “They are sheltering in place. So I go to their door, pickup masks and drop off supplies off if they need.  More than thirty people so far have contributed to making masks.”

Aleida Solis happened to be at the right place at the right time.

Solis had read online that Visiting Angels is in need, she saw the logo on the car and introduced herself to O’Neal.

“Had to stop because I know there’s are masks being made right now and I had made a bunch of them and didn’t know where to take them,” she said.” If it’s a shortage around the world, it’s going to be a shortage here. I figured I needed to start making some.”

Just like Pat Durbin who is a quilt artist now turned mask maker, she said it’s a team effort.

“I sit aside my normal projects so that I can be a part of this,” said Durbin. “We just need to do our part so this will be all over soon.”

Were told to be mindful when making masks, while Visiting Angel is asking for basic masks, some organizations are asking that they have specific specifications. 

For more information on how to donate call (707) 442-8001