Students and teachers adjust to new normal


FORTUNA, Ca. (KIEM)-School closures have posed a challenge for students, teachers and parents alike.

Despite the obstacles, it appears that everyone is adjusting.

“Even though schools are closed, education is still happening it’s still taking place it’s just a different way of delivering that education,” Fortuna Elementary School District, Superintendent Jeff Northern.

Most elementary school kids are receiving a work packet that they can take home and for upper-grade kids in middle school their work is mostly online.

There were some challenges but teachers are being optimistic.

“First couple of weeks were kind of rough,” Northern said. “Overall they’re on board they are doing a great about getting things ready. I am really proud of them actually.”

Students are having a more difficult time adjusting to the new learning style and not seeing their friends is also difficult for them.

“The distance learning is definitely a steep learning curve for everybody,” said Fortuna Elementary School Principle Lauren Clendenen. “School is a very social time for kids and that part is gone.”

A fact that Aleyda, an elementary school student, is still trying to cope with.

“It’s kind of sad cause I don’t get to see my friends and teacher and sometimes (I can’t) I don’t’ understand what they send me,” she said. “My teachers said that we are going to be talking in camera.”

A new technology elementary school teacher Erin Wishneff says will allow students to see and talk to their teachers and classmates all at once.

“Were going to do a zoom tomorrow with our class. So I sent out to all the parents a link to get onto the zoom and a lot of them don’t know what it is. I didn’t know what it was.

Wishneff says she misses her students a lot and when they see her while picking up school work it seems that they miss her, too.”

“I wish I could do more,” she said. “We’re trying as much as we can to do everything to help them.”

Parents and students are noticing, some are even showing their appreciation with a cup of Joe.

“It’s a new thing for all of us but the school here and all the teachers and the principal,” said Sarah Olson, the parent of two Fortuna Elementary School students.

“They’ve all been amazing, communication has been amazing,” she said. “We’re working it out.”

For those who did not have an opportunity to pick up their learning materials the school will be open from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Anyone interested in enrolling their child in school for the fall can do so now, registration is now open.

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