North Coast restaurant offering free meal for truckers


ORICK, Ca. (KIEM)-With truck drivers working around the clock to get much needed supplies delivered, people are taking notice.

Truck drivers are our unsung heroes right now amid the Coronavirus, they are helping keep the economy going, and food supplied throughout the country.

A North Coast restaurant owner wants to acknowledge them with a meal made with love.

A meal for the men and woman transporting essential goods throughout the nation.

A service Snack Shack cook Phillip Coombs says shouldn’t go unnoticed.

“We may not be able to feed all of them but the ones that do stop, we make sure they get a good meal,” said Phillip Coombs. “We are feeding the truckers were trying to recognize those that are making America run today.”

Restaurant owner Edie baker wanted to show her appreciation by treating any truck driver that stop by the Snack Shack to a free meal.  

“They’re delivering much-needed supplies to everybody and to show my appreciation,” Baker said. “’Feeding the truckers is part of what I like to do.”

Baker says giving back to the community is in her DNA.

“I have a need to help people, and that’s just a part of giving back to the community and saying thank you for everything that you do,” she said.   

Coombs says it’s all about unity.

“Were hanging in there were trying to get the word out that way everybody knows,” Coombs said. “This is something we can do that makes a difference today, makes a difference right now.”

And right now, they are hoping the word spreads quickly before April 5th, so they can feed as many truckers as possible. 

Baker is hoping more truckers stop by her restaurant to get that free meal.

“That’s what it’s all about at the end of the day, community and making sure that everyone has that spirit,” Coombs said.

If you know of a truck driver working in and around Orick let them know a free meal is waiting for them until Sunday at the EdieBee’s Snack Shack.

For more information or hours call (707) 488-5305.