Non-profit using innovative ways to help community


ERUREKA, Ca. (KIEM)-A non-profit known worldwide for humanitarian work, thrift stores and red donations kettles is using innovative ways to serve the public amid Covid-19.

The Salvation Army of Eureka says the need for food has increased, the supply of food however, according to Lieutenant Loretta Scott, has dried up.

“We are here to help, anybody who needs foods or is afraid to come out of their homes they can just call us at any time,” she said.  “The food is scarce around here, it’s hard for us to replenish our food pantry.”

Food deliveries are going to people who are self-quarantining such as seniors over the age of 65 and maybe people who have compromised health.”

They’ve also changed how they are doing things.

 “Were not letting anybody in the building,” Scott said. “All of our church services have stopped, we are now doing a live stream for our Sunday service.”

For those who don’t have access or don’t understand technology home devotions have been delivered by Scott.

They’ve also handed out masks and gloves and you can now drive-up to pick-up food.

For the Silvercrest residents living next door, some hot soup and pastries.

 “A lot of them run to the door because they are excited to see us,” she said

As the non-profit organization is excited to see what they can do to help and they are not cutting back.

“The Salvation Army has actually ramped up efforts to serve the community. This is what we do,” said Public Relations Director of the Salvation Army Del Oro Division.

And across Northern California there is an increase in distribution of food in the form of food boxes, hot meals and cold meals to-go.

There has been an influx of people needing help amid the Coronavirus, some asking for assistance for the first time ever.

“We always do whatever we possibly can to fill the need but unfortunately the need is growing,” said Jarosz.

That’s why public donations are vital right now.

“We need those monetary donations,” Jarosz said. “We’re making sure we fit that specific need in that community.”

A community that they’ve been serving for a more than one hundred and thirty years.

“We just wanted people to know we are here,” she said. “No matter what.”

The Salvation Army has launched a virtual food drive nationwide.

Rather than donate food, you donate money, for example$30 donation will provide a four day supply of food to a family of four and $250 donation will provide a hot to-go-meal for one hundred people.

They have also partnered up with Walmart to Walmart to provide the Salvation Army in communities across Northern California with items like canned food, toiletries, and cleaning products.

Donors can purchase needed items from the Walmart Registry for Good, which will be automatically shipped to their chosen Salvation Army location.

Go to and click on a city to help support that community or go to for the virtual food drive.

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