2020 Census Sending Out Reminder Invitations

Humboldt County, Ca. (KIEM)– Humboldt County is behind on responding to the 2020 Census in comparison to the rest of California and the nation. 37.1% of households in Humboldt County have already responded to the 2020 census. This compares to 46.6% for both the nation and the state of California.

Households who have not responded to the Census should be receiving a reminder invitation to respond in the mail to ensure it is easier than ever.

Those in more rural areas who do not receive home mail can log onto 2020census.gov to complete.

Jeffrey Enos the Deputy Regional Director, Los Angeles Region of the Census Bureau tells us that tentatively starting April 15th employees of the Census will be dropping off questionnaires in rural areas at the front door of homes. We will keep you updated on if this will be changing.