COVID-19 Humboldt County Economic Impact Numbers

The Humboldt County Office of Emergency Services’ latest COVID-19 economic impact numbers have been released.

It’s estimated that Humboldt County will lose over $29,076,647 in business revenue in 2020 compared to 2019. 1,693 job locally have been lost and 11 business have permanently closed.

These estimates are based on 519 businesses that have self-reported to the counties COVID 19 impact survey.

On April 17th the Office of Emergency Services will be submitting an initial damage assessment to the state so they can begin the process of seeking disaster funds.

We asked Scott Adair, Humboldt County Director of Economic Development if the county was on track in gathering information to be accurate.

“Unfortunately, no,” he said. “We are certainly well behind and need more business participation.”

If you are a Humboldt County business owner or know a business owner it’s important and timely to take the survey HERE.

You can also go to and click on business resources.