Website rolls out “Covid-19” edition scam guide

EUREKA, Ca. (KIEM)-In an unprecedented event such as the Coronavirus pandemic, scammers are on the prowl and are hoping to play on people’s fear and uncertainty.

From fake Covid-19 cures to criminals attempting to pass as government officials to work-from-home jobs if it sounds good to be true it probably is.

And that is what one website is doing…warning unsuspecting victims of some of the biggest scams happening now with a special edition Coronavirus scam guide.

There are helpful tips and tricks that may help you from being an easy target.

The site explains what scammers are after and tactics they use to defraud the public.

There are no free virus test kits or unapproved cures or treatment for Covid-19, according to

There are no Medicare or health programs that send free Coronavirus tests nor is there a known cure. Scammers come up with creative ways to get your personal information such as your social security number, birth date or Medicare number. Their objective is to steal your identity.

For a complete list of scams to avoid, click on the link