Rally held to demand all North Coast businesses open now


CRESCENT CITY, Ca. (KIEM)-California will move into stage 2 of modifying the state’s “stay-at-home” order tomorrow which will allow gradual re-opening of California’s economy.

However, for some Del Norte residents, that’s not good enough.

Ed Salcedo and his partner Sherry Scott were at the center of controversy when they opened their restaurant last week for dine-in guests.

Thursday they are closed, to have their voices heard, along with about 80 to 100 others at the rally.

“We want Governor Newsom to open the whole state, we want Del Norte County to reopen,” Salcedo said.

Re-open, so Del Norte County residents can go back to work he says.

Salcedo says the governor should address the north coast differently.

“Maybe, in San Francisco or in L.A., the Bay Area, the Coronavirus is popping more so than up here,” Salcedo said. “But in these rural counties such as Del Norte, where there is very few cases, I think the governor ought to take exception and let us open up.” 

The exact reason former Del Norte County Sheriff Dean Wilson organized Thursday’s rally.

“California is not a one size fits,” Wilson said. “Our communities you have to trust in our leaders to decide hopefully what’s best for each and every individual community and the pace in which they can open up.”

Wilson says normally residents should listen to our county leaders, however, not in this case.

“Our county leaders are listening to Sacramento,” Wilson said. “They are not taking into account what’s going on now, in our ground, locally. And that is where they should be concerned.”

Del Norte Supervisor Roger Gitlin says the governor should allow the North Coast open business to all.

“We are looking for phase two and our message to Governor Newsom is to move this along,” Gitlin said. “We do not have a Covid-19 problem in Del Norte County.”

Gitlin says if the economy is not opened back up soon…the consequences could be detrimental…for some businesses if they don’t open, they may never.

 “We got to get back to work, our county is drying up resources,” Gitlin said. “Going to Washington with a hand-out, bailout request is not the answer, it’s an answer of last resort.”

A full list of types of businesses allowed to re-open Friday and the state’s “Resilience Roadmap” click here.

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