Ferndale resident starts business after being laid off from non-essential job


FERNDALE, Ca (KIEM) – A Ferndale resident and US Veteran is in the midst of starting his own business after being laid off from his non-essential job.

With a lot of time on his hands and the need of a stable income, James Richards decided to start a delivery business to help those in the community throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

Richards plans to work with chain stores such as Safeway, CVS and Murphy’s as his employees will deliver essential items such as pharmaceuticals and groceries to Humboldt County residents.

Richards created a business plan and a financial budget before reaching out to North Coast Small Business Development Center. After being told by an advisor that his plan was thorough and doable, Richards started the funding process.

When the almost $500,000 needed to start US Vets Deliver is received, Richards plans to purchases his ten delivery trucks and start hiring full-fledged employees.

As a sole proprietorship, Richards hopes to raise the funds he needs as soon as possible so he can start his business within the next one to two months.