Businesses impacted by HSU classes potentially remaining virtual


ARCATA, Ca (KIEM) – California State University Chancellor Timothy White made the announcement that CSU schools will most likely remain virtual for the fall semester, so what does that mean for Humboldt State staff and students, and Arcata businesses?

Arcata businesses receive a significant portion of their revenue from Humboldt State students. Therefore, with the announcement of limited face-to-face classes and the potential of the upcoming semester remaining exclusively online, local businesses may take a big hit.

And let’s not forget to mention the hit they will take without an in-person graduation ceremony happening this weekend.

Some business owners are not worried about the impact HSU’s fall semester may bring, because they trust their regular customers will continue to support them.

Even with the support, some businesses are just making it and are concerned about what the CSU Chancellor’s decision means for their future revenue.

And even before the start of next semester, there is change in the Arcata community this weekend with HSU not being able to hold their in person graduation ceremony. Local businesses look forward to doubling, even tripling their revenue during this weekend every year. But this year, things are different for everyone.

A final decision, whether HSU will hold some in-person classes or remain exclusively online, will be announced as resources become available. But for now, local businesses are having to think about those potential outcomes.