Humboldt County Office of Emergency Services Launches Online Business Compliance Tool

Humboldt County, Ca. (KIEM) — The Humboldt County Office of Emergency Services launches an online tool aimed at helping businesses meet state re-opening requirements.

It would allow businesses to complete a local re-opening plan in advance to be ready to open based on the state’s timeline. Governor Newsom is requiring a worksite specific plan in place that will protect the health and safety of employees and customers.

To fill out the form, you log onto the county’s website and click on business compliance under the business resources tab. Select the plan appropriate for your business sector, then after being reviewed, will either be approved or you will be asked for more information.

According to Dr. Frankovich, it’s meant to help businesses understand what is expected of them moving forward. The county does want to remind residents that a business with an approved plan can only re-open once their sector is allowed to by the state.