3 New Covid-19 Cases Reported, Age Range for Positive Individuals Released

Humboldt County, Ca. (KIEM) — Friday, the Public Health Department confirms 3 new Covid-19 case in Humboldt County bringing the total to 91.

According to Public Health, 18 of the cases are in Northern Humboldt, 69 are in Greater Humboldt Bay Area, and 4 in Southern Humboldt. 41% are males and 59% are female. The average age is 48.

Starting today, the Joint Information Center will be releasing the age range of residents who have tested positive each Friday. Of the cases reported, 36 have been individuals 40 years old or younger, 20 people in their 60’s have tested positive, and 7 cases have been people 80 years old or older.

Over 5,000 county residents have been tested since the outbreak began.