Local Artist Creates Flatten the Curve Stained Glass Art

MANILA, Calif. (KIEM)- Local Artist Colleen Clifford wanted to make a special piece of art that resembled how we as a community can help flatten the curve against Covid-19.

The idea first came to her in back in March. Soon she would later find out that one of her pieces would be purchased by American Physician Dr. Fauci. Since that point on the demand for her custom made flatten the curve stained glass art pieces have been very popular for community members to purchase.

Colleen stated that in times like this, it is important to support local artist. She herself has a passion for art still wants to put her creative hands to use.

Clifford teaches a stained glass art class at College of the Redwoods and loves to share her knowledge of art with others.

At this time, she donates ten percent of her flatten the curve pieces to The Ink People and Black Humboldt.