Executive order regarding CRV buyback extended by 60 days, One location taking CRV


HUMBOLDT COUNTY, Calif. (KIEM)- Governor Gavin Newsom’s office has recognized the high risk nature of CRV buy back activities and issued an executive order back in March, that order has now been extended for 60 days.

Tasha Eisner is the general manager of Humboldt Sanitation in McKinleyville.

“The reason we are not accepting CRV buy backs at this time is because there is a lot of contact associated with those transactions,” said Eisner.

Eisner says these type transactions are high risk-their staff have to manually touch the bottles and cans when weighed.

“We’re still able to accept a lot of recycling here at our facility and we can do in a contact-less fashion,” she said. “You can bring it to our transfer station or your curbside bin.”

According to Eisner, their core service focuses on the operation of the transfer stations, the collection of solid waste, recycling and curbside pick-up.

Their goal is to protect their essential workers to prevent their services from interruption, if a COVID-19 outbreak was to occur.

 Eisner says the buyback program was meant for retailers and to encourage recycling.

“We are talking to state and local officials to try to find some solutions,” said Eisner.

Jill Duffy is the executive director of Humboldt Waste Management Authority.

“The component of CRV by back or cash for cans that is the piece that we are having to suspend, and unfortunately that is a program that Cal recycling designed originally to be operated by retailers or grocery stores,” she said.

Duffy says, the 23 convenient zones who handle CRV buy backs have been exempt, the closure has enabled the centers to do some renovations which will allow for social distancing once CRV buy backs re-open.

“We understand people’s frustrations not being able to redeem their containers at this time but we are asking for your continued patience because our core operation is to insure the ability to handle solid waste,” Duffy said.

Hambro recycling in Del Norte County is the only North Coast location accepting buy backs at this time, due the fact their buyback process allows for minimal contact with their employees and the public.

The Del Norte facility is open for buybacks Wednesday through Saturday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Wednesday through Saturday.

Those 65-years-of-age or older have access from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. Wednesday through Saturday.

For more information on the Del Norte facility accepting buybacks click here.

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