Peaceful Protest in Ferndale


FERNDALE, Calif. (KIEM) – A peaceful protest took place on the grass outside of Ferndale Town Hall on Sunday.

Law enforcement was present in case of an emergency after the event received threats ahead of time. Organizer Adrianne Tait Wohlfeil did not want to focus on the negativity and discouragement.

“I feel like our whole country is completely divided and this is important to unify us, this is all about unifying us,” Wohlfeil said, “Racism affects everyone regardless of race, regardless of gender. Discrimination hurts us all and everyone is hurting and let’s heal and work this out together and unify together today.”

Members of the community spoke at the peaceful protest including Wohlfeil, the mayor of Ferndale, and Stuart Altschuler.

“All of us have to learn as much as we can and make sure, that in our own process, that today we are a little bit better than we were yesterday in our level of compassion and in our level of consciousness and awareness,” Altschuler said.

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