Humboldt Bay Fire Fights Two Vegetation Fires in Close Proximity

EUREKA, Calif. (KIEM) – Humboldt Bay Fire responded to two fires in close proximity near Redwood Acres.

The first fire broke out on Monday night near Ryan Creek Community Forest in Eureka. According to CAL FIRE, it grew to roughly one eighth of an acre and was later controlled by fire crews.

On Tuesday night, Humboldt Bay Fire returned to the same area for another fire which consumed a 40 foot hollowed out tree stump. The vegetation fire posed a challenge due to its location. Crews utilized an old logging road to access the blaze and ultimately contained the fire.

At this time, Humboldt Bay Fire believes there is no concern that the two are connected. Humboldt Bay Fire Public Information Officer Amy Conlin said CAL FIRE will follow up with cause and origin.