St. Joseph Health Community Resource Centers say, they’re here to help

WILLOW CREEK, Calif. (KIEM)-Local residents are struggling to meet basic necessities to survive, community resources located throughout Humboldt County are here to help.

Willow Creek Resource Center Coordinator Karen Diers says members have flocked to the centers to get one specific item.

“Food is always a big demand, always, so we do that regularly, we also do hold-over bags for people who can’t make it till Thursday,” said Diers. “We’ve helped a lot of people [doing the stimulus] getting their stimulus checks, a lot of unemployment application.”

David Robertson says he has a job but works very little hours at the moment.

“We come at least once a week and it really helps, especially with diapers and now baby food for the baby.”

The St. Joseph Community Resource Centers offers referral information, support group, classes and resources geared toward the basic needs of residents.

Centers have specially trained volunteers to help in a variety of topics such as food and housing, medical information and domestic violence support.

Diers says the best way to get services, is to call them and leave a message they will get back to you. 

The five Humboldt County centers phone numbers are listed below:

Willow Creek (530) 629-3141

Eureka (707) 442-5239

Blue Lake (707) 668-5239

Rio Dell (707) 764-5239

Lolita (707) 733-5239

For more information on locations and services click here.