City secures new building for police station

FORTUNA, Calif. (KIEM)-The City of Fortuna has been looking for a new location for their police facility.

With the growth of the city’s population more police have been added to the force, requiring a bigger facility.

According to the city’s manager Merrit Perry a location has been secured.

“The city had originally purchased another property the use of long term lease but it didn’t end up working so we sold that then just last year,” he said. “We identified the parcel at 2600 Rohnerville Road as a potential new police facility.

“The city completed a feasibility study and some background investigation to make sure that this property would be suitable for the long term use as a police facility and then closed escrow on the property.”

Perry says, some of their officers are working out of the Rohnerville location already.

However, the facility is not currently open to the public, it’s being used only for patrol operations at this time.

Services are still available for community members at City Hall.

The new location was paid for through proceeds from the sale of the parcel, at the price tag of $700,000.

And according to Perry, the money for the eventual renovation of the new building will come from the general fund.