Yurok Education Department Chair appointed to state position

YUROK, Calif. (KIEM) – The first Yurok citizen to serve on the State Board of Education was appointed by Governor Gavin Newsom this week.

Yurok Education Department Chair, Jim McQuillen, received the news on Monday which was just a week after receiving a call about his nomination for the position.

As the Yurok Education Department Chair, McQuillen oversees 75 employees and several education programs.

McQuillen helped create the team that initiated the teachings of Yurok language in three separate school districts and is the recipient of several accolades.

The State Board of Educators contains 11 members that meet for two days every other month. The board serves the states K-12 schools and produces polices for matters including academic standards, curriculum and accountability.

McQuillen was sworn into office during his first board meeting on July 9. His appointment his awaiting confirmation from the California State Senate.

McQuillen says he feels honored to have a voice at the table and to be able to represent the North Coast community, as well as the American Indian communities.